“Not your ordinary spreadsheet.”


SPSS was created by IBM to offer accessibility to complex, multi-step calculations with relatively few steps. Logic and speed are key benefits to their technology:

IBM® SPSS® Statistics is a powerful statistical software platform. It delivers a robust set of features that lets your organization extract actionable insights from its data.”

Downloading SPSS

University of Mississippi students can find more information about downloading SPSS by visiting this link.

Using SPSS

Dr. Balkin’s YouTube channel includes several videos of him performing analysis tutorials using the SPSS software. Dr. Balkin’s tutorials will walk you step-by-step through the processes.

Just like with JASP, Dr. Balkin has SPSS tutorials to provide content meant for individuals with a range of research and statistic abilities. His videos include help for beginners and assistance for the more advanced statisticians. Check out a few of his tutorials intended for emerging researchers below.

SPSS Tutorial: 5 Number Summary
SPSS Tutorial: Univariate analysis

More SPSS Tutorials

Check out more of his SPSS videos by clicking the links below or checking out his YouTube channel. Link to Dr. Balkin’s YouTube channel