“A fresh way to do statistics.”

JASP is an open-source statistical software that works. Welcome to their platform, newcomers:

“Before you do anything else, we strongly recommend that you visit the JASP YouTube channel and the ‘How to Use JASP’ page, where you can find introductory blog posts and videos. Below is some general information about JASP that may be helpful as you analyze your first data set. We invite you to post any remaining questions on the JASP forum or on the JASP GitHub page.”

Downloading JASP

You can download JASP by clicking the button below and choosing your operating system. From that point the software wizard will prompt you to move through the installation process. Alternatively, you can scroll down on the download screen and choose to run the system online.

Using JASP

Dr. Balkin has recorded several YouTube video tutorials walking viewers step-by-step through various statistical analyses using JASP. Dr. Balkin’s videos are convenient because he has made his tutorials with everyone in mind. There is a variety on his YouTube channel in order to accommodate students and researchers at different developmental levels.

His videos include the basics, for beginners and to refresh those that may be more advanced in their skills. He also has recorded more accelerated tutorials for those of you that may already be familiar with the software but just need support working through a new type of analysis.

Check out some of his beginner level videos below. This will give you a perspective on his teaching style and how his tutorials can be useful.

JASP Tutorial: 5 number summary & univariate analysis
JASP Tutorial: Standard Scores

More JASP Tutorials

Below you can find links to other JASP tutorials by Dr. Balkin.